About Us


We are a perfect blend of creative minds and marketing expertise working together to achieve results that exceed your expectations.


We're a compilation of talented, ambitious people who truly believe we can do a better, more efficient, more effective job of generating and executing great ideas. Truth is, we spend most of our days obsessed with finding new ideas that are intensely focused on affecting outcomes. Unlike any agency in the UAE, Don Rite is built for results.


As a full service advertising and graphic design agency based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and later other GCC states, we are not only proud to offer our clients unmatched creativity, account planning and customer service, but also the personal relationships that we establish with them. For more than a decade, we have been here and will continue to be here to "Change the Perception" of how clients view working with an ad agency.


The broody thinkers, the perfectionists, the go-getters, the couch potatos, the weirdo, the nerds, we have them all here. Visit us sometime & you’d be pleasantly surprised at the diversity we bring to work. We believe it’s our varied ethnicity that broadens our perspective, makes us empathetic to our client’s taste and gives our work a global flavor.